This is my first big game I released. If you’re curious, check out the website!

Pixel Prospector
This website has a vast offer of knowledge about most (if not all) indie games out there. If you are intersted in the newest and cooles indie games, favourite this page right now.

The Daily Click
Want to make your own indie games? Check out this fabulous website! It has a nice community, archives full of helpful articles and lots of projects to check out. GG2 was a project on this page for all the two years of its development. So, if you want to follow some cool projects and read what the developers say about their progress, check this page out.

The biggest community website for a game that barely know nowadays.

James Dean Music
Check out the web site of the Super Panda Adventures composer James Dean.

Josh Whelchel’s Site
Josh is the official composer of the GunGirl 2 Soundtrack.