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Dimension Drifter

Early Access release: 28.09.2018

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Dimension DrifterDimension DrifterDimension DrifterDimension DrifterDimension DrifterDimension DrifterDimension DrifterDimension Drifter

Dimension Drifter is a fast paced, ultra-violent action shooter.

Our timeline has collapsed and many didn’t even notice. Since then, inexplicable mysteries started happening all over the world. Strange sightings of objects and beings. Crop circles appeared. Cattle mutilation. Memories that didn’t reflect reality anymore. The list gets longer every day…

All of this was just the beginning. Since then, hundreds of years have passed. It all spiraled out of control. One day, strange portals to another dimension have opened and Demons poured out. An endless war began. Some cities have created plasma domes around them, protecting them from the eternal onslaught. But most now lie in ruins.

Some extraordinary people who were able to survive long enough in the ruins have harnessed special abilities. In the eye of the public, these powers are deemed evil and it is said they are of demonic nature. These special people are outcasts, not allowed to enter the Domes of safety anymore. They are called Drifters.

  • Super fluid action gameplay. Tight controls compared with animation cancelling actions make you feel in absolute control 100% of the time.
  • Brutal Action combined with a deep Pen&Paper RPG world. The World of Dimension Drifter has been created over a period of 15 years as a Pen&Paper RPG foundation. Reveal more and more about the world as you progress through the missions.
  • Endless levels that are randomly arranged each time you play. But robots can’t design intuitive maps. As a modern mapper for the original Doom, I’ve added certain intelligence to the level creation to make it feel as humanly crafted as possible. Each room piece is also designed by hand to give everything you see a manmade feel.
  • Thousands of randomized progression items. Like in Diablo and other loot-oriented games, the game offers almost endless combinations of items you can find to improve your Drifter.
  • Visual character customization is also a great aspect of the game design. Choose between Male or Female Drifter and have a lot of outfits to mix and match, with tons of colors to choose for each piece. I want the Drifter to be YOUR OWN! However, during the very early Early Access time, this content may be limited to only a few options.



Early Access release: 21.08.2015 / Full release: 29.09.2016

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UNLOVED is based on the community award-winning mod for Doom2 with the same name by the same creator. UNLOVED is a strange place. A twisted reality. A nightmare that comes to life. A place where demons and abhorrent monsters manifest and possess the living with only one goal: to end you. Nothing wants you here. And there is no way out. Only the elevator that leads further and further down into the darkness of your insanity.

Play alone or in a group of up to 4 players and explore the endless amount of basement levels that are procedurally arranged every time you enter. Work as a team, open new areas, find weapon-mods, solve personal challenges, complete level objectives and unlock new skills to survive this trip into the unknown.

Fast Paced Shooter Gameplay + Coop Features
The game resurrects the old-school fast paced action shooter gameplay. Combined with deadly monsters and modern coop-features that encourage playing in a team to stay alive in a harsh and deadly environment. Find and join other players online or play via LAN. If you don’t feel like playing in a team, you can always play alone and face the terror all by yourself.

Randomly arranged Levels
Every basement area is generated from hand crafted level chunks that are randomly arranged. After that, certain areas get locked by the “Architect” and you have to find certain key items to access them. Every level has final rooms with objectives the player has to complete in order to leave the level.

Create your own unique Play-Style
Besides customizing your appearance, you can also create your own unique play-style. Equip magic trinkets with unearthly powers that can completely change the way you experience the game. Want to become super tough, or do you prefer to run super fast? Do you want to deal lots of damage, or have the highest chances of survival? The right combination of trinkets makes it possible and sets you apart from other players.

Play with 4 different Game Modes
If you want a different experience besides the Ultra Violence, you can also select alternative Game Modes that may suit your style a bit more. Classic Horror gets your blood pumping while you are desperately looking for enough ammunition to survive the next enemy. Arcade Style increases the already fast paced action to the max, giving you the ultimate killing frenzy experience. And then there is the HOT Mode – the most innovative game mode in years…

Find Weapon-Mods to be more efficient
Every weapon can be upgraded with special mods. These can alter the way a weapon functions in dramatic ways. They may change the way the weapon operates, increase fire rate or give boosts like speed reloading.

Gain Karma by completing personal Challenges
You don’t just get experience points for killing monsters. Each time you play, certain challenges are given to you. If you fulfill your personal objectives, you get Karma points that you can spend to upgrade your Persona.

Unlock new Items and the Mysteries that UNLOVED holds
Within the levels are different mysterious objects scattered. By collecting them, you can later unlock new player colors, ranks, trinkets and pieces of information that may or may not have clues about this unearthly realm of insanity.

Super Panda Adventures

release: 23.04.2013 / Steam release: 14.07.2014

Official Trailer

In Super Panda Adventures, you play as the brave panda-knight Fu, who is about to finish his training to become the new guardian of the Princess. At the same day of the big celebration party, some uninvited Robots show up to conquer the planet and take the Princess away in their Space Ships!

Tell me more about the game!
The game plays like a modern platformer (Metroidvania) combined with a new combo fighting style and lots of adventure elements. You can fight with a sword, throw shuriken or use magic abilities and combine these attacks to get combo points that increase your experience. Level up your character and unlock new abilities and upgrades! Explore two different worlds in a non-linear way to find lots of hidden items. Talk to many npcs, solve quests, find magic items and rescue the Princess!

What else?
- single player action platformer (Metroidvania) with adventure and rpg elements
- unique combo fighting system that rewards players for combining attacks
- non-linear gameplay that let’s you explore two different worlds
- unlock over a dozen new abilities, find magic items and talk to crazy npcs
- custom keyboard and gamepad support
- around 6-10 hours of gameplay
- in-game dialogues in English or German
- fun for all ages

Get the remastered Soundtrack…
From Bandcamp

Download the Cover Art as Wallpaper
For 16:9 resolutions (1920×1080, 1600×900 etc.)
For 4:3 resolutions (1600×1200, 1024×768 etc.)

GunGirl 2

release: 07.06.2010 / Steam release: 01.09.2016

Ultimate GG2 Trailer

GG2 is a fast-paced action zombie-killing platformer. You play either as GunGirl or her best friend GunDude to fight the endless hordes of the undead. Talk with NPCs, solve quests, find Power-Ups, learn new abilities and much much more. Original Soundtrack made by Josh Whelchel.

“GunGirl 2 is a great example of how a game doesn’t have to have HD graphics or an epic storyline unraveling the mysteries of the universe.”[...]“the accurate platforming and satisfying shooting make it a blast to play.”GameSpot IndieSpot #1 UK Review

“The gameplay is extremely satisfying, and the music by Josh Whelchel is superb. A top-notch freeware exploration shooter zombie game!”JAYISGAMES Review

List of features:
- about 4-8 hours of gameplay
- two large worlds (earth and hell)
- solve lots of quests
- 6 weapons with unique upgrades
- thousands of monsters to kill
- advanced blood&gore system
- high replayability value
- unlockables
- save/load system
- gamepad support
- and MUCH, MUCH more!

Visit for more infos!


(mod for Doom2)
release: 14.04.2010

You wake up in your house. You’re all alone. The only thing that is with you, is your sanity. Or is it?

Unloved is a Doom2 mod that takes you into a whole other world. Inspired by the Silent Hill video game series, this horror modification for Doom2 takes you deep down into the depths of insanity and chaos. It’s hard, it’s cold, it’s Unloved.

“It all looks great, it’s dripping with atmosphere, it has plenty of carnage, and it’s fairly tough at times too. A fine accomplishment in a style that is still tricky to pull off.”

Download from idgames


release: 20.04.2008

This is my first platform game GunGirl. An evil doctor has taken over the world and created an army of flesh eating zombies. You play as a blonde chick that has to blast her way trough hordes of enemies to save mankind. I’ve tried to capture the gameplay of good old classic arcades like Contra or Megaman.

List of features:
- 16 levels (inc. 4 bosses)
- hundreds of monsters to kill
- find new weapons and upgrades
- talking npcs
- get money and buy items
- inventory to see items and status
- overworld map to walk around
- save/load system
- iron maiden mode (very difficult)

DOWNLOAD: From Mediafire (60mb)

GunDude Game

release: 30.01.2008

My first selfmade game is a little, but extremely difficuly, platformer. I’ve made it just for shits and giggles to get used to a new game development program. The difficulty is VERY HIGH – you have been warned. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Here (20mb)

The Legend of Magnador

(mod for Warcraft III)
release: 14.08.2004
The Legend of Magnador

This is an RPG map with lots of new features. Create your own Heroparty, forge your own items, new combat system, lots of quests and a brandnew storyline will make you think you’re playing a whole new game.

“The Legend of Magnador is a brilliant piece of work. It’s witty, it’s well crafted and its presentation is extremely polished and professional. Its story is twisty and exciting, constantly lumping more layers onto its central mystery before dramatically turning the macguffin on its head.” Review

Download from Epic War