My name is Paul Schneider (aka BlueEagle, Blue669, Blue66 or just Blue), I live in Hamburg/Germany and I love video games. I have a true passion for making games and I hope that players can see that in my projects. I’ve created the one-man company BlueEagle Productions a few years ago. Several games and mods for other games have been released under that name. Some of them are listed in the Games & Mods section of this website.

If you want to contact me about anything that’s on your mind, you can do that by Email, post in the forums or visit my YouTube channel and leave a comment.

YouTube: BlueEagle669′s Channel

Video Copyright Disclaimer

I allow everyone to create videos of my games and publish them on YouTube or any other public video website including live streams. That can be in form of a review, a spotlight, a walkthrough, a let’s play or any other similar kind of video. I also allow everyone to monitize said videos, as long as you are the creator. If you do create a video of one of my games, please add a link to my website and or store page in the description. Thank you very much!